Week #1 28th November

We are very pleased to inaugurate the creation of this weekly blog!🥳 On November 28 we start with Week # 1.


We are very excited about all the things that we have already done. These first weeks we have started with great enthusiasm with the project and with the development of this website. We have designed and published our Roadmap for next year and we look forward to fully complying with it💪🏼

We are also in the process of publishing an Alpha version of the application shortly for early adopters and anyone interested in testing. With all the feedback we receive we can make many changes to improve for the next version!

We have created a Telegram channel! You can join right now by clicking here. In it we will share more regularly the changes as well as important dates.

Finally, comment that we still do not have our token created, but we are developing it on the testnet so that when everything is ready, we can launch it on the mainnet.📈


We hope you are as excited about this project as we are, and we hope to see you here every week to find out about the hot news🔥